2nd generation bio fuels from TCR bio oil

(c) Video courtesy of Fraunhofer UMSICHT

The quality of TCR® bio oil is unique compared to other oils from thermal conversion processes. The crude bio oil is characterized by

  • Very low acidity
  • High heating value
  • Low viscosity and water content
  • Thermal stability suitable for refining processes
Refined TCR® oil

These characteristics enable a range of engine fuel applications:

  • Refining of TCR® bio crude oil into norm-compliant drop-in road and aviation fuels. The norm-compliance of TCR® diesel and gasoline has already been demonstrated
  • Extraction of chemical base feedstock from refined TCR® bio crude oil. The refined oil contains high concentrations of aromatics and naphtenes
  • Blending of TCR® bio crude oil with regular fuels for marine and heavy equipment engine application
  • Use of TCR® bio crude oil on optimized combined heat & power generation engines

TCR® Diesel complies with EN norms