Wide range of TCR technology applications

The high flexibility of the TCR® Technology opens a wide range of possible applications. This is due to three key advantages:

  • Suitable for almost any solid biomass. Drying of up to 60% water content without additional heat import
  • Producing a range of quality products with a range of commercial applications depending on process parameters and feedstock
  • The same reactor equipment can be used with different feedstock by varying process parameters only

A selection of TCR® applications includes:

  • Enhancement of the efficiency of biogas plants by processing biogas digestate with the optional recirculation of syngas, water and biochar into the Fermentation process
  • Conversion of forestry residue (eg. waste wood, bark, sawdust) into sustainable oil, char and gas resources for instance for fuel production and ore smelting
  • Valorization of residues from bioethanol production the second generation
  • Recycling of industrial organic waste such as residues from paper recycling
  • Utilization of agricultural residues such as animal manure, rice straw, grape or olive pomace
  • Processing of sewage sludge from water treatment plantsRecycling of industrial biomass residues - eg. from paper recycling
  • Recycling of municipal organic waste such as landscaping material or compost. Up to 10% of residual plastics can be processed without further separation