The TCR® technology converts waste biomass into three quality products:

  • Syngas consisting of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen (depending on process setup), methane and minor volumes of higher carbon hydrates. The process can yield more than 50 %volume of hydrogen. The gas is suitable for motor applications as it is clean of dust and tar.

  • Biooil with high heating value, low acidity and similar element composition as vegetable oils. The biooil has a low water content and is missible with vegetable oils, biodiesel, gasoline and diesel. The biooil is directly suitable for engine applications in fuel blends or on adapted engines. The highly stable bio oil is also suitable for further refining. Through standard refining technology drop-in quality Diesel and Gasoline fuels can be produced.

  • Biochar with high heating value and low volatile content comparable to bituminous or anthracite coal. The biochar is dry and stable for easy transportation over extended ranges.

Product yields can be adapted through variation of process parameters within certain technical limits. In addition some ash and process water are produced as by-products.

The high quality of the products presents a wide variety of options for commercial use. Combined heat and power generation on dual fuel engines from gas and oil is straightforward as is the use of biochar as a fuel in biomass heating plants. The high hydrogen content of the gas presents itself as an attractive, decentralized, green hydrogen source for fuel cell applications, fuel synthesis or base product synthesis for green chemistry. The good quality opens further opportunities for 2nd generation fuels with limited blending or refinery requirement. The biochar has attractive properties as a fertilizer or soil improver depending on the feedstock used. It can also be applied to enhance biogas plant efficiency.